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Most Papi-lar David was the first Boston Red Sox ever to lead… - Digital-Derek's Red Sox Blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 12th, 2005|11:26 am]

Most Papi-lar

David was the first Boston Red Sox ever to lead the MLB in All*Star voting.

First off on my agenda today is to apologize for not updating as much as I would like to have been recently. I've been trying to decide on where I'd like to take this "blog" and since LJ isn't really blogging software I've been in the search of a good/cheap alternative so I can use this via RSS Feeds and XML. I'd also like a little fuller control of the HTML etc. Some of the content from this blog will be part of The Globe's new daily publication called Sidekick, and I would like to really dress this site up better. So yeah, that's taken me a little away from the updates, you'll know as soon as I know what I'll be doing. You can also check out some recent Photo Illustrations posted by me over at Boston Dirt Dogs.

Now that that's out of the way lets talk about the Sox. Big ups and congratulations go out to all of the Sox All*Stars including Cap Tek, Damon, Ortiz, Clement, Manny, and Tito. The AL East is also well represented in this game showing where a lot of the power and excitement in the AL is coming from.

David represented pretty well in the HR Derby last night hitting the 2nd most HR's ever in a round (17) before falling short in the second round. And did anyone see Freddy Lynn in the Celebrity Softball game? The kid still has it and looked like one of the more nimble players out there. Props also go out to Ozzie Smith for flying into second with a slide, he looked faster the 1/2 the guys on our current team!

Tonight's All*Star game should be fun, and our defending World Champs are represented the most in the starting line-up with W.W.J.D.D., Varitek, Manny, and Papi. Last year Manny and David each had HRs to help eventually give us homefield advantage in the World Series. Tito will be trying to do the same for the Sox tonight with a very potent line-up. Should be a fun one.

Tomorrow I'll be giving my mid season report which should be interesting, enjoy the game.

PS - If anyone has any tickets to Saturdays game I'd be very interested, my Dad will be in town and would love to go to the game.