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Sweep Stakes Boston has been jumping all over the opposition the… - Digital-Derek's Red Sox Blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 22nd, 2005|10:35 pm]

Sweep Stakes

Boston has been jumping all over the opposition the last couple of weeks.

Well Boston started this away series against one of the hottest teams in baseball (winners of 9 in a row), and they're walking away with their second sweep in the last 3 series. The Sox have won 8/9 and are only 1 game out of first place in the AL East. Wade Miller had a really solid outing (I think Tito left him in too long) and the Sox showed some gusto by going out there and coming from behind a couple of times. With Bronson's effort last night, and Miller getting it done tonight the Sox starters may be finding a little bit of a groove.

Theo's shows his shrewdness again with Olerud having another solid outing. Not bad for a minor league contract. And Edgar proved to be clutch tonight getting a round bagger and the GW-RBI. Keith Choke "got the job done" but damn, still not happy with him.

This team's just rolling right now and you almost don't want to see the off day they have tomorrow. They need it though with Johhny a little banged up as well as the ER. Our team depth is starting to show, and if we can just righten the back end of our bullpen (not you Timlin) these runs could be a regularity for this team.