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[Jul. 25th, 2005|06:09 pm]

Stranded Sox

The Boston Red Sox ended their 4-Game set with the Chicago White Sox last night with a 6-4 loss. The game was the Sox’s to win however when they ended up on the short end of the stick on more then one occasion.

The Sox ended the series with a 2-2 spilt and are off to Tampa Bay to play a feisty D-Rays team.

Yesterday was a frustrating game to watch and one that I really wanted to have the Sox win. Winning 3/4 would have been a fairly large statement for them to make, however, you can’t really complain with the split. David Wells takes the hill tonight as the Sox hope to get at least 2/3 from the D-Rays.

Trades, Signings, and the New Guys

1. Bronson, Millar, Mueller, and a slew of minor league Sox names have been thrown around in trade rumors a lot lately. The one I’d most like to see is the A.J deal. We’ll see.

2. Craig Hansen the Sox first round draft pick is signed. There was a lot of speculation on when they’d be able to sign him because of his representation by Boras. Now the rumors of him pitching as soon as this year will be out to no end. Baseball America predicted him as being the pitcher most ready fro the big leagues.
3. My skewed analysis:
Alex Cora -Great Defender; Mendoza line hitter.
Graffinao – OK Defender, OK hitter, Great Plate Presence.
The teams more solid with these two on the bench or in the game.

That’s all for now.