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[Jul. 24th, 2005|10:27 am]

Best Sox in Baseball

Alex Cora pulls a crucial double play for the Real Sox last night

The Boston Red Sox are guaranteed to at least split a four game set with a team that has the best record in MLB. Manny Ramirez hit a 2-Run HR against former Yankee rival El Duque which ended up being the difference in the game. Things got interesting in the 9th via Curt Schilling, however, the Sox pulled out the win with Manny making up for an eearlier outfield gaff by really in a tough over the shoulder catch. Hats off to Wade Miller, who pitched 7 shut-out innings and could still be the differance for the Right Sox this year.

The Wrong Sox are def. a good team this year, however, I'm not really or worried about the other team from Chicago. I mean come on, thye already are publishing their magic number in the newspaper. Don't get too ahead of yourselves guys...

The Right Sox have now opened up a 2.5 game lead in the talented and tight AL East thanks to the LA Angels & D-Rays. Speaking of the D-Rays, they're playing some really good ball so far in the second 1/2 and could be playing the part of spoiler for a couple of AL East teams down the stretch.
In non-Sox news I'm officially moving this site to a more "blogger friendly" envirenment. The domain name is bought and I just have a few tweeks to make before I launch it. Again this being the main reason for my lack of recent posts. Stay tuned on that, and lets win this series today. Sox face off against another Ex-Yankee in Jose Contreas, who they've pretty much owned thus far.