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[Jul. 14th, 2005|02:30 pm]

1/2 Way there, Living on A Prayer

Tek has been one of the consistent Sox thus far this year.

Well, well here we are already. Half way through the 2005 campaign and the Boston Red Sox are amid a swirl of controversy and uprising. There are whispers of player contempt, there have been a lot of major injuries, trade rumors, a very meager bullpen, among many more concerns for the Sox. With the tepid fever of New England as of late you'd expect us to be sitting 7.5 back of the Yanks in third place. Thankfully, that's not the case.

Half way through the season the Boston Red Sox are in first place in the American League East by two slim games. But seriously, where else would you rather us be? 10.5 games up? Yeah, well, me too. But look at the troubles our team has had as mentioned above. You take away Mariano Rivera and Randy Johnson from the NY Yankees and I guarentee you they'd be a lot farther back then the 2.5 they are. Take away the Ace and Closer of any team and in MLB and I gurantee you they wouldn't be in first in the toughest division in baseball. The Sox have dealt with their controversy and come out on top. Every team has woes, however I believe 95% of ours can be solved internally, and that's huge.

Getting Chad Bradford will be big for us, and if his back's OK he can be a deadly middle releaver. After reading the chapter devoted to him in "Moneyball" it makes me wonder if he'll be able to handle the Boston pressure, that's a time will tell story starting tonight. And speaking of time will tell, the warrior that is Curt Schilling is sort-of back tonight.

I hope to God he picks up a save for us in a 12 pitch 9th. It's fitting the Sox are starting the second half against the Yanks. It's fitting how hot the Yanks are too, we all remember what happened last time the 2005 NY Streakees faced the Sox. We more then saved face with a 17-1 murder and sent their team on a slide. This weekend won't answer all the questions of these two teams fates, however it can give us some insight. Should be a fun/nerve racking weekend. So lets get 3/4 this weekend and hope for the best.

Damn this is fun...