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[Jun. 21st, 2005|09:52 am]

Johnny Be Good

Damon heads home after his GW-RBI last night in Cleveland

Before I start talking about last nights win let me touch up quickly on the weekend series against the Pirates. The Sox had a very successful homestand winning 5/6 and scoring a total of 37 runs. Each and every start we had had a common theme, solid, consistent starting pitching. Besides our pitching we started to see some of our hitters break out of their respective "slumps". Bill "The Professional Hitter" Mueller led the way with a week that he had a .400 average, 10 RBIs, 5 extra base hits. Also having notable weeks with the stick were Papi, Millar (yes THE Kevin Millar), and Manny Baseball. This was a great way for us to get some wins underneath our belts and build us some confidence for our competition coming up, such as last night.

The Sox ran into the hottest team in baseball last night, and the Indians showed us why. In a game that was feeling like a total blow-out for the Sox, the Indians kept on clawing back into the game. This was a great example of a team that just doesn't believe it's ever out of a game, and gained a lot of respect for this young Indian team. Our bullpen went back to its road ways after David Wells gave us a solid, but not great, start.

I'll pre-face the following harshness by saying that I really like and respect Alan Embree and Keith Choke...er...Foulke. (That was cheap) However, this is becoming a problem. Embree has been a rock for us, ecsp. over the last few playoff runs, however, he's thrown a lot of pitches during our runs and we may be seeing some of the results from this. We'll see, he's saying all the right things but this is something that has to eventually be addressed if we're going to make a serious run at the division and pennant. Foulke...eh...he just looks like a different pitcher this year. I hope and pray it's a mechanical issue (ball transfer) but I don't know.